Loeka Lotus is the mascot of Two Brothers.


Born in 2024, this cuddly toy is neither a boy nor a girl. Just a beautiful, happy flower.


To celebrate, from February 10 to the end of May, all children up to the age of 8 will receive Loeka Lotus as a gift during their stay. Loeka Lotus can also be purchased at reception for €12.50.


Did you know that Loeka Lotus’ hands can be attached to each other? Also another Loeka! This way, Loeka is never alone.

Print the coloring page: Loeka @ the Beach

Meaning of the lotus flower

The Lotus flower symbolizes the transformation from darkness to light, from ignorance to insight. But also for purity and protection.


The Lotus flower is a special flower that plays an important role in many cultures. This is largely due to the inflorescence. Various cultures compare this way of growing with the spiritual growth of people: The lotus begins in a dark soil, almost invisible. As soon as the water surface is reached, a truly beautiful flower is created. But that beautiful flower could not arise without the firm muddy soil where the seed begins. Personal lighting is also not possible without a good foundation.

The darkness of the ground also represents the past in this story. Our past shapes us, but it does not define who we are. We need the mud to grow, but with the right breeding ground we can show our beauty.


In addition, the lotus is also associated with the eternal cycle of life; the beautiful flowers open in the morning as soon as the sun rises, and close again after the sun sets. It symbolizes eternal renewal, the cycle of nature, life itself.


At Two Brothers Hotels there is a place for everyone and we believe that everyone flourishes like the Lotus does. Whether you have a form of autism, are not sure about who you are or are. Everyone flourishes in his own way and his time. Also Loeka Lotus.

Loeka On Tour

Loeka is very curious and likes to explore! We will keep you informed of all adventures here.

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