At the Two Brothers Hotels we do everything we can to make your stay a success. At the same time, we try to burden nature and the environment as little as possible. With small measures we achieve a great effect, without this being at the expense of your comfort. We have received the Golden Green Key certificate for this.

How do we
achieve this?
  • We communicate about the accessibility of our hotels by public transport;
  • We offer electric bicycles and charging points;
  • We offer charging points for electric cars;
  • Our hotels make a social contribution in various ways with regard to staff and accessibility for disabled persons;
  • We communicate with our employees and guests about our Green Key and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives;
  • We encourage guests to take advantage of local cultural heritage, social, nature and/or environmental activities;
  • We continuously collect and analyze guest satisfaction data and use this data to improve our services;
  • We sell chargers and power banks from the GreenMouse brand that deliver without unnecessary packaging material;
  • Our workwear comes from producers who have signed a code of conduct regarding good working conditions;
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  • We limit the amount of laundry from the bathroom by communicating with our guests about the procedure for replacing bath linen;
  • Noordwijk has a new line of bathrobes and beach towels made of unbleached linen;
  • Toilet paper and tissues are eco-labelled;
  • We only offer drinking cups made of less environmentally harmful and renewable materials;
  • Our minibars have an A++ energy label
  • Soap and shampoo are offered with a sustainability label;
  • Our hotels reduce water flow from washbasin taps and showers.
Rooms Noordwijk Rooms Zoetermeer
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  • We offer our food and beverage products as organic and/or fair trade as possible;
  • Our restaurants do not purchase fish that is overfished or whose farming/catching methods are too burdensome for the ecosystem;
  • Our restaurants offer various vegetarian dishes;
  • Our restaurants do not use plastic straws and offer an alternative made of renewable material;
  • We only purchase disposables made from biodegradable and/or renewable raw materials;
  • Offering as few products as possible in a mono package;
  • Water dispensers connected to the water supply;
Restaurant Two Brothers Restaurant Bogatti's
In the
  • Our fire extinguishers have biodegradable extinguishing foam and meet the requirements of environmental labels;
  • During renovation or renovation, various circular and/or environmentally friendly materials are chosen;
  • We take measures to limit energy consumption, to prevent energy wastage and follow the advice from our energy scan;
  • Waste is separated and we motivate our guests to do the same;
  • We use cleaning products and appliances with a sustainability feature and take measures to limit their use, such as Scale watcher against limescale and ozone equipment;
  • We are aware of and comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to our organization;
  • All our printed matter bears a recognized environmental label;
  • Our hotels use sustainable printing paper with the European Ecolabel.
125 years hotel Noordwijk

Did you know?

These (circular) planks, which we use as decoration in our hotel in Noordwijk, come from an old staircase from another hotel that was part of our hotel group?


Golden Tulip Zoetermeer-The Hague collects returnable bottles (with deposit) for the Plastic Soup Foundation? In addition to the various waste bins for recycling paper and plastic, there is now (next to the vending machine on the ground floor) a collection bin for deposit bottles.


In the relax center of Two Brothers Noordwijk Beach the sauna has been replaced by a steam cabin with a timer to reduce energy consumption? In addition, the swimming pool is insulated and we use motion sensors for the light.


Golden Tulip Zoetermeer-The Hague is a SEBO quality mark holder? The municipality of Zoetermeer appreciates companies that distinguish themselves in the field of corporate social responsibility. That is why the SEBO quality mark was created, the quality mark for Socially Economically Involved Entrepreneurship.


We in Zoetermeer collect our empty cartridges for CliniClowns?


Bogatti’s restaurant has an insect hotel on the terrace?


Both hotels work together with taxi companies whose fleet (partly) runs on alternative fuel vehicles and work together with suppliers who consciously try to reduce their CO2 emissions?

Golden Tulip Zoetermeer-The Hague have ongoing agreements with various companies that employees, if they spend the night with us, can borrow bicycles for free to cycle to and from work.


We hardly send invoices by post anymore and therefore hardly use envelopes?

Will you
join in?

Green Key is a well-known international quality mark for sustainable companies in the hotel and leisure industry. This quality mark shows that we do everything we can to minimize the pressure of our company on nature and the environment. With this we go just a step further than the normal laws and regulations require. The certificate has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a hotel has introduced, the higher the ‘environmentally friendly’ level. Are you joining us?


More information? Then take a look at the Green Key website.