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Noordwijk has an official dog beach where dogs can run free and swim all year round. The dog beach is 2.5 km long and starts at the end of Koningin Astrid Boulevard (exit 1). Turn left on the beach to the sign ‘Katwijk’ on the northern border of Katwijk beach.


The dune area Hollands Duin offers a lot of variety for walkers. Staatsbosbeheer has set out 8 walking routes that lead through dunes and forest. The marked routes vary from 2 to 4.5 km. Some walks can easily be tied together or combined with a walk on the beach. Dogs are not allowed during the breeding season from March 1 to August 1.


Dogs in the dune area & nature reserves

  • The dogs are welcome throughout the nature reserves on a leash;
  • In the off-leash area on the south side of the forest, dogs are allowed to run loose all year round, including spring and summer. This off-leash area runs from Northgodreef to strandslag 22.
    View the map;
  • Dogs are very welcome at Landgoed Nieuw Leeuwenhorst, on a leash.

A dog walking route has been set out through the extensive walking area in and around Noordwijk. Especially for dog owners!

Beach rules Dog route Noordwijk

Stay @ Two Brothers

Dogs stay with us for €30 per night. Your four-legged friend will receive a welcome gift upon arrival. On departure your room will be cleaned extra so the next guest can enjoy their stay too.


Important to know:

  • There is a maximum number of two dogs per room;
  • Dogs are not allowed in the suites of Two Brothers Noordwijk Beach;
  • At Golden Tulip Zoetermeer-The Hague and Two Brothers Noordwijk Beach, dogs are allowed on the terrace, in the hotel bar or conservatory (Noordwijk), but not in the restaurants;
  • Are you leaving your dog alone in the room? Please inform our reception.

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In Zoetermeer there are nice walking areas in the city, between the houses, as well as in the parks and forests. The dog map states exactly where your dog is allowed to run loose or has to be on a leash.


Swimming in the North Aa

On the Zoetermeer city side of the Noord Aa, your dog is allowed to swim on the dog beach from October 1 to March 1. Follow the path for a lovely walk around the Zoetermeerse plas.


Green walk, Lyonpad behind the city center

Behind the Stadshart is a quiet piece of greenery (Lyonpad) in the Palenstein district. There is an enclosed dog run area here, but the route is especially recommended and takes you all the way to the Segwaert district, or even to the North Aa beach.


Day trip to the Balij and swimming

In Boswachterij De Balij (1000 ha) – also known as the Balijbos – dogs are allowed in many places. This is indicated with signs on site. Together with the Bieslandse Bos (300 ha), the Balijbos forms a beautiful piece of nature between Zoetermeer, Delft, Pijnacker and Nootdorp. The areas are separated by a track and two roads, but if you don’t mind putting your dog on a leash, both forests can easily be combined in one very long (day) walk. You will also pass a large (swimming) lake with several dog beaches. Walking routes also start from here and can even take you right through nature reserves to the market in Delft (the Balijroute)! The Balijbos is also easily accessible for wheelchair users.


Romp through the forest and dog beach Westerpark

The Westerpark is a beautiful, somewhat older park, with lots of water and winding footpaths between the trees. Except during the breeding season, from March 15 to July 1, the dogs are allowed to run loose everywhere.

Dog walking map Zoetermeer Walking areas Zuid-Holland