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Lotus Loyalty is the loyalty program of Two Brothers Noordwijk Beach and Restaurant Two Brothers.

On this page you will find all information.

New! Collect missions (points) in
Restaurant Two Brothers

This works slightly different than in the hotel, as every saved mission (per euro) is doubled. This way you are able to collect as much points as a guest in our restaurant as a guest in the hotel.


Register now and receive 50 loyalty points (missions) as a gift and a 10% discount code for an overnight stay in our hotel (direct bookings).


Register Restaurant Two Brothers


Where previously you could only be a member or premium member (based on the number of hotel nights per year), it now works as follows:


Level 1: ‘Apprentice chef’ 0 to 500 missions

Level 2: ‘Waiter’ 500 to 1000 missions

Level 3: ‘Front Office Supervisor’ 1000 to 2000 missions

Level 4: ‘Hotel Manager’ from 2000 missions


This concerns the total number of points (missions) saved.
An example: you have reached the Hotel Manager level and you redeem 1000 points, then you will retain the status of Hotel Manager. You will not drop a level and your total number of saved points will remain registered. Only your current savings balance will decrease.


Please note: have you not been with us for more than a year? Then your points will expire. You will receive a reminder.

Save and cash

When checking out from the hotel or paying your check in the restaurant, an employee will manually add the points to your account. They do this by scanning your personal savings card. In the hotel, €1 equals 1 point (mission), in the restaurant €1 equals 2 points.


You can redeem a reward starting from 250 points. Most rewards can only be redeemed on site. An employee scans your savings card and redeems the desired reward for you. This can be done once per visit to the restaurant and hotel.


There are also rewards that can be redeemed remotely. These are, for example, our merchandise items. Redeem the item via the app and show the email at the hotel, an employee will then pick up the item.

10% discount on direct bookings

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At Two Brothers Hotels, personal contact is key. We are ready to assist you and aim to respond within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.