We believe that there is a place for everyone. We are committed to other people and try to put ourselves in others’ shoes as best we can. We do not limit ourselves to people, dogs are also welcome and truly guests with us. We take into account the wishes of our guests and staff. We make sure that they feel at ease, are comfortable and can enjoy their stay. We don’t do that because they are different, we do that because it is actually quite normal.

It is nice to be with us. The atmosphere is calm but cheerful. We always approach challenges with positivity, then we arrive at the best solutions. We don’t just have hotels to please our guests, we have our hotels to accomplish a bigger mission. We cannot accomplish this mission alone, we use a number of partners manage this.

Two Brothers
Hotel Company

The name ‘Two Brothers Hotel Company’ refers to the two sons of Jan and Evelien Roggeveen-van Duijn. Luca and Joshua are two beautiful boys, each with their own character and each a form of autism. The latter inspired us proud parents to do something for differently gifted children in the next phase of our lives. This has led to the establishment of the ‘Two Brothers Hotel Company’.


Our sons have enriched our lives. It has given us a different view, both on parenting and on the day-to-day business and activities within our company. This has led to the creation of learning, internship and work places for young people who, like our sons, are gifted differently, but who have normal intelligence. From our own experiences we know exactly what this group of young people needs in terms of guidance.


We can offer young people a place in all kinds of departments in the hotel – in the kitchen, in the service, behind the reception, in the administration, within the technical service and the cleaning service. If the work suits them, we look at how they can develop further in it. Both in the hotel in Noordwijk and in Zoetermeer, we have chosen managers who can guide the young people with patience and compassion. If they are guided in an expert and loving way, then there are also unique opportunities for these young people. Within their own possibilities and in their own way they can make a wonderful contribution to society. We are happy to put our heart and soul into making this mission a success and thereby putting this group of young people in an even better light.

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At Two Brothers Hotels, personal contact is key. We are happy to help you with the question you have. You can contact us in different ways. Use the form and we will contact you by mail. You can also contact us by phone in Noordwijk if you want to make a reservation here or in Zoetermeer.